Erin is a flower grower and designer from Falmouth, Maine. Falmouthtown Flower Co is a small flower farm and design studio located on her family's historic farm overlooking Casco Bay. She fills her field with a collection of unusually hued and textured floral materials to supply her projects. Her flowers are also available to other local designers. For 2021, she is offering bouquet subscriptions, custom arrangements and taking on a limited number of intimate events.

Erin's floral influences have been leading industry professionals whom she has been fortunate to learn under, including a farming mentorship with Floret Flowers and design intensives with Susan McCleary and Flower School New York.



Paul helps put the farmer in Erin's farmer-florist work title. He has been the bed prepper, spreadsheet creator, implement handler, and any other project involving grit and a high level of math calculations. While his day job is a physical therapist for a professional sport's team, he loves the challenge that working outside in the field brings.

This is the second business that Erin and Paul have created together. The first being a boutique physical therapy and exercise clinic in Paul's hometown of Buffalo, New York. Attracted to the curiosities that come with starting a different kind of business, they are excited to service new clientele and introduce more locally grown flowers into this community and Erin's home state.



Paul and Erin moved into their first home with their two dogs, a mini schnauzer named Olive and Italian Spinone, Hazel.


Due to it's age and varied history, they have heard interesting stories about this property. Once used as a tavern and stagecoach house for travelers in the 1800's, this farmhouse sits high atop Blackstrap hill. The barn, previously affixed with a widows walk, allowed guests to watch for a boat's arrival in the nearby harbor. 


The nickname Falmouthtown was chosen to embrace this sense of place and pay homage to the town's seafaring origins.